Ge.Mi. Power Solutions

Solutions for electrical continuity

GE.MI. Power Solutions

Founded in the 2002, it is placed on the market as a dynamic company for the design, sale and assistance of uninterruptible power supplies, rescuers and rectifier systems.
The company, based in Arezzo, operates on the national and international territory, boasting collaborations with various foreign countries; our growth has been encouraged by the continuous investment in research and development which has allowed an enrichment of the know-how within the team.

Assistance and maintenance

Thanks to our specialized technicians we offer assistance and maintenance services to guarantee the reliability of the UPS over time.
We offer 3 different maintenance contracts in order to meet the various needs of our customers: Basic Level, Medium Level and Top Level.


Our technical research and development staff is able to satisfy all system requirements.
We design both standard and custom products.


Our warehouse draws its stocks from the most accredited electronics manufacturers and battery suppliers.
The product Ge.Mi. Power Solutions is entirely managed by our specialized staff at our Arezzo workshops.